Tim Richardson
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"Tim Richardson", author of Sweets: The History of Temptation, is the world's first international confectionery historian. He also writes about gardens, landscape and theatre, and contributes to the Daily Telegraph, Country Life (magazine)/Country Life, The Idler (1993)/The Idler, House & Garden (magazine)/House & Garden, Garden Design Journal and Wallpaper. He lives in North London.

He wrote and performed comedy at Oxford University in the 1980s in a revue group called The Seven Raymonds with Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Emma Kennedy, and Michael Cosgrave.

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You never know what you're going to get. Last year, we had a lot of features; this year we have a lot of comedy shorts and music videos. So far, every festival has been different in tone and what kind of films we've received.

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When Pierre goes he will be missed. He is part of the furniture in the area and is a great character.