I have nothing against a mall, but it's just a place. Why do they have to take away this golf course? They (were considering) messing with the quality of life. That just doesn't seem right.

She wasn't really running - just walking fast, screaming and flailing her hands.

My whole adult life, my dream was to live on a golf course. Now I'm not going to have a golf course ... the city is going to take it away from me.

We're supposed to go out there and hit and bang and maybe score every now and then but now ever since we're playing better and better, our team looks for us to score a goal at least each night. It's a big step for our line and hopefully we just continue to do that the rest of the year.

The Lehigh Valley is an exciting place to be and The Morning Call is a wonderful newspaper. 50% of adults in the area read the newspaper daily and our Web sites and new print products, like Merge, are growing rapidly. I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead -- especially the chance to build strong, meaningful relationships with the newspaper's readers and advertisers.

The thing we learned with large customers is one size does not fit all. Some want to run on mainframe, Unix, Linux, or Windows. It's hard to get a census of exactly what they want to run on.

We hang out a lot at night in the dorms. Those two are always in my room, or I'm always in their room and we're always hanging out.