Everybody complains about the price.

Both games are important, but you have got to win conference games at home to be in good position toward the end of the season.

Warren is still 20 percent undeveloped, but the township is buying up the land more quickly than we can sell it to people who want to develop it.

We need an Amber Alert. My Eagles are lost. Somebody please find them.

This will probably be the biggest fundraiser in local history. It's one of those really remarkable things where everyone comes together.

From the consumer point of view, one of the main constraints to economic growth in Africa is the lack of credit cards. If the established credit card companies do not fill this market gap, it is likely that mobile phone operators will.

Somebody is getting rich.

Poor recovery in broadband will hinder the development of an information society.

It was found out that a lot of firefighters weren't using them.