Our members' experience and familiarity with the communities in which they work make them valuable resources. They understand what makes a good investment, whether their clients are buying, selling or remodeling.

Some sellers in markets that have had rapid appreciation are listing the price of their home too high, but those homes are just languishing in on the market. At the same time, some buyers who have believed hype about a housing bubble are hoping housing prices drop, but that's not happening either.

As more listings of homes come on the market during this period of modestly declining sales, more home buyers will find themselves in a better position to negotiate.

If Congress does not want banks to engage in real estate brokerage or management, it is inconceivable that it intends to permit national banks to engage in real estate development, which is a much riskier activity.

Help-U-Sell is a good organization.

When the market is good, you have a lot of creative approaches to real estate. But, I have been in the business for 34 years, and you see a lot of peaks and valleys.

We believe that approval of this application would set a serious precedent and lead to the erosion of the national policy against mixing banking and commerce.

Double-digit annual increases will become less common in the coming year.

The desirability of certain home features varies by neighborhood and is heavily influenced by buyers' expectations in a given area.