I don't need to have a killer season to be able to do it. Just a good one.

I can guarantee you that we'll be able to race for this entire season. I've known for some time that this season would take place. I'm also confident that we'll be able to put a new set of finances in place that will take the current set out.

Saturday at the open practice we had more cars than the same practice a year ago. By last Friday we had registered 250 cars for this season. At the same time last year that number was 142.

We didn't go into this to purposely let it happen. In fact, we had the best business year in 2005 that we've had in a long time. Obviously, I would've preferred that this hadn't have happened. It's pretty tough every day trying to run a race track and dealing with negative publicity hasn't made it any easier.

One of the attractive things for us is that our local drivers are going to be able to step up and be able to attempt to get in a more prestigious race. That was a big positive for us in making the decision to bring them here.

One of the ironic things about the news of the business problems is that 2005 was the second worst weather year in the 12 years I've been running the place, but it was the second best year profit-wise. That speaks a lot to his management ability.

I think it speaks to the attitude of our general manager. He said to me, 'I can do a great job with one of them, but I feel like I do a half-baked job with two of them.' His belief is that for a special show to be special, it should come once a year.