"Susan Lynch" is an actress from Northern Ireland.

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As an actress she has the ability to be so committed to what she does. But at the same time [she can] put it all into a healthy perspective.

If everyone around me is eating food that I'm allergic to, it makes me uneasy. But all of my friends are pretty considerate. They would never try to make me eat anything that would end up harming me. My roommate even agreed not to eat or keep any peanut products in our room so I wouldn't be uncomfortable.

I just think its a big challenge for a family to do it alone, ... All you can do is set the best example and try to teach your children as well as possible but ultimately, we send our children off on their own and they have to use their judgment.

This obesity epidemic is not an individual problem, it's not a family problem, it's not a medical problem. It's a societal problem with grave implications for us in terms of health care and health care costs.