Avery has got to be up there. It's all he does.

Is it too late for me?

This is the same problem we've had all year. We're not playing the system.

We had a good start and things were going well. And suddenly we just gave up and didn't stick with the game plan. ... It's 60 minutes. If you quit after five minutes, the game's over.

But we talked after the first period and we went out and did everything we wanted. Guys went to the net and were rewarded with goals.

The guys were a little nervous and we were making little mistakes that cost us games.

We had to be ready tonight because we knew they were going to come out strong, ... They're in a slump right now so you never know when they're going to explode and play their best game. We came out strong and had a good first period, then we just watched them for the last 40 minutes.

The most important thing is it was the first win here.

Barnaby has got to be the best. He's always talking, everywhere he goes. When he's got the puck, when he's on the bench, he's always yapping.