This is another significant step in monetizing our non-core assets and further sharpening our focus on our core content creation and distribution businesses and library in a digital marketplace. We are pleased to sell our studio facilities to a buyer committed to expanding the film industry of British Columbia.

Franchising always has been important, but it's more important now, ... The market is softening, the consumer is a little more discerning, and unless you have some brand recognition, some franchise power, it's going to be hard to break through the clutter.

These are all titles that appeal primarily to the same demographic we believe this technology will appeal to. There is high coincidence of computer geeks that like horror films or action adventure movies.

It's a great week to be here at Lions Gate.

We will carry out a number of strategies that will ensure we achieve our goal of giving the film the best opportunity to be considered for awards.

They know they can't really over-commercialize that environment. You have to go about this totally differently than a typical retailer promotional partner.