Nothing would make me happier in 20 years to see you standing where I am standing now, ... Sisters like me will be waiting to welcome you to the arena.

I was particularly pleased to hear the chairman recognize the economic impact on the community was exacerbated by the rural installation Ellsworth is.

I am pleased that the commission apparently has been receptive to arguments against some of the Pentagon's recommendations, ... It is obvious that this is an independent commission full of independent commissioners who are looking at the facts and are making their decisions.

This is a terrific opportunity to shine a spotlight on important issues surrounding Black Hills National Forest, including forest health and wildfire prevention. Ensuring appropriate forest policy is essential not only to preserving South Dakota's wonderful natural resources, but to our tourism and economy as well.

It wasn't just the cost savings projections that helped us keep Ellsworth Air Force Base open and reject the DOD recommendation to close it. It was also the consolidation issue and looking ahead 20 years.

Local partisanship in Congress was unbelievable; and let their be no doubt both parties were responsible for it.

Over the past several days I have followed closely the devastating and heartbreaking effects of Hurricane Katrina on our fellow Americans and I have asked myself how I can help. I hope this information is helpful to those who wish to help, and I join all South Dakotans in sending my thoughts and prayers to the victims of this disaster.

There's no such thing as a partisan base.

On a number of issues important to South Dakota.