I thought my back would be hurting forever, and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to play at all (this year). And if I did play, I thought I would be in pain. I didn't think it would just go away, but it did.

We talked about eliminating runs. But whenever we [get a run] we need to utilize them and keep them. We can't let up the points that we just earned on our own run.

We played pretty good at times, then we had our fair share of mistakes at times. We played better than we have been playing, but I still expect more from them.

I was proud to see how they came out and played together. We had a few bad breaks here and there. We just weren't able to take advantage and win that one.

Marriott has donated full meals in the past.

After walking, sitting, anything, I had shooting pains up my back. I tried playing and I was in tears. I was crying because it hurt so bad.

I don't feel like we played near the game we're capable of. They're a good team, but we've got to bring our game. It was one of those nights where we played like we shouldn't.