It's been a slowly building situation, ... and there's a lot of pressure on them to come up with something that will work.

This year there was no Winter Olympics to precede it, so there was a little bit of loss in the hype in the anticipation of the Summer Olympics.

I looked at the data for the show and it was No. 1 in terms of positive buzz, ... I said, 'Ah, shoot, this thing doesn't work.' .

We know that viewing levels increase in September because the weather starts getting a little cooler, it gets darker a little earlier, viewers are already conditioned to be looking for new programming.

People who had heard about it had a chance to ... catch up and see what they missed over the summer. Also, it's got an extraordinarily strong fan culture around the show. ... There's lots of subtext, which is what fan cultures love.

What you're seeing is the drama genre, which has been dominant, needing to diversify. Unfortunately, they've all diversified into science fiction.

Every year they come back with less of an audience, ... so the more they can do to sustain themselves (in summer), the better.

I think a lot of the 'Joan' fans are attacking the show in the chat rooms.

They've lost some of their core properties and now they have to struggle the way everyone has to struggle when they lose their core properties.