We are doing well in all three directions; let us recommit ourselves, in 2006 as we did in 2004, to those same three matters . . . .

Furthermore, the stakeholders in this issue have been most upset by the procedures used in the original survey and wish to underscore the fact that the matter may be life threatening.

He does not run the company . . . and so far as we know he does not have to take responsibility for the silly results that that silly action would bring about if he decides to guide the company in that direction.

You have no right . . . to ask a worker whether he or she belongs to the trade union movement or which trade union. That is a person's fundamental right . . . and it is a United Nations basic and fundamental human right. No employer has any right to ask a worker about it.

I want you to understand instead that World Cup 2007 will be a staging point for us; the opportunity for us to demonstrate that what we believe in, what we are working towards can happen, is happening and will continue to happen long after World Cup is over.

The attitude coming from the employer seems to be one that would suggest to a normal person that the authorities could not care less about their concerns.

We have got an agreement from the Water Authority that whatever steps have to be pulled out, those steps are going to be pulled out with a view to having your new wage levels or your new salary scales by May 1, 2006.

Within that area there is a need for serious study to be conducted.

A resolution will be forthcoming. We will keep the public informed.