My mother said azaleas are like decorative objects -- you should move them at will. She had no compunction about moving a plant if it wasn't doing its job.

It's so easy to entertain here. There is something magic about being around the wind and the water at night, it just energizes people.

We didn't know were to begin. Then one Friday it was as if I could hear her say, 'You just have to start, I'll be with you.' The next day we went to four or five nurseries and started buying stuff.

My mother would spend the week looking for the plants we needed and finding the best price. On Friday afternoon I'd run out and buy them, then Saturday was all about planting. She would direct where to put everything, and Ron would dig the holes.

There's nothing like walking out of the house in the morning and seeing the sky, smelling the world and hearing the birds. Everything here -- the property, the privacy, the quiet, the wildlife -- we love it.