I'm pretty excited with what I've seen. [In all three games,] we hit really well. Defensively, we had just one game in which we didn't make plays. Also, our pitchers have been dominant. We're two big hits from being 3-0. We're gonna be pretty darn good here if we do everything we should.

[Offensively,] we won't lead the nation, but we're gonna score our share of runs. We'll be able to run the bases. We don't have to be super outstanding in any one area to win. We just need to be consistent to put some wins up on the board.

It was a good way to open up our season up north. We had good energy. We made the plays when we needed to. We're starting to get comfortable with what we're doing.

The game is so based around pitching. The better you are in the circle, the better the rest of your team is going to be.

Our strength will be our defense. Our pitchers will learn to use the defense, knowing they don't have to go for the strikeout and can get the ground balls.

Our two pitchers right now are going back and forth. It's good to see right now.