They are going to want to beat us as much as we want to beat them. If we go out and play a good game together, we can win.

We?re not looking that far ahead. Our first goal is to win each game. The second goal is to get into the medal round and just let it fly.

It definitely helps. I think you can make half of a shot -- not make a perfect shot -- and the crowd is still behind you. When you don't have the crowd, you might think about it more.

We beat Sweden, and we started playing really well. We knew we had to play a lot of good games. Everybody got a lot of confidence from that game, and that confidence has just continued building from that moment on.

We've played them a couple times before. We know how they play. They know how we play. We're rivals, if you want to call it that. We're rivals to the point where it should be a good game.

The way the standings are looking, we still think 6-3 is into the medal round, for sure.

She was a fan you could always count on that would always be in the stands, no matter what. She was absolutely going to be there. She was not going to have anything stop her.

We sat down a couple of nights ago, after we lost our second game, to Italy. We were disappointed with the loss, but one encouraging bit of news was that we knew we still had to play everybody who was ahead of us in the standings. We realized if we would win out, we'd get to the medals round..

We would've liked to have won, but we knew we were just playing for position when we came in. It was one of those games, we had a couple of shots we missed that we probably should have made.