From the spring to now is a whole different level. I have a lot of confidence now in what we're doing. I've never felt so good about what we're doing (offensively) before.

First quarter was rough. It took me a while to get in the groove. Second and third quarter, pretty good; fourth quarter was all right until that last play right there. That was a killer.

Once you know you're 'the guy' it becomes my team. And I need to take it upon myself to play good. A lot of the game is all on the quarterback. If I don't play good, then we're not going to play good.

I know that I have not been really consistent since I've been here. This is my first year of being 'the guy.' I've got to be more focused on my part. Bottom line, I've got to be consistent and play well.

Any system you run, there's always going to be pressure on the quarterback to perform. That's just what you take when you're playing quarterback. I've just got to go out there and stay calm and collected and play my game.