"Shane Stafford" is a former arena football quarterback. He was signed by the Tallahassee Thunder as a street free agent in 2000. He played college football at Connecticut Huskies football/Connecticut.

Prior to signing with Orlando, he played with the Tampa Bay Storm for five seasons. Stafford holds Storm single-season records for completions (408), passing yards (4,793) and touchdown passes (86) and career marks for completions (1,357), passing yards (15,667) and touchdown passes (289). Stafford also played for the Tallahassee Thunder of af2, and the Scottish Claymores in NFL Europa/NFL Europe.

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Every year, if it's a big game, he shows up. Sometimes, in big games, guys kind of disappear and go into a corner, but not him. Every game, he shows up.

It was just a bad game, point blank. Not one guy can leave this field and say that they played well. And I don't care who you are. Everybody needs to look at themselves critically and we need to come back next week, otherwise we're going to lose more games if we don't analyze ourselves and get better.

The guys up front did a good job giving me time and the other guys got open.

We're protecting the crap out of me and it's really showing. Being able to get back there and make some throws, we had one holding call that brought a touchdown back, that was unfortunate, but I think overall, up front, that's the reason you're seeing all these yards thrown for.

It's pretty cool, but it's only one win. It's not like 400 yards equals four wins. I wish it did because we'd be 8-2 now.

This was tough. They did a nice job with their defense, but we've got to do a better job of getting points. It's hard to judge whether that was us or them.

At that position, we typically don't have a (6-3) 220-pound guy. So the fact he's as big as he is and he's a playmaker, game time, he comes out and he just balls. It's a big thing for us to have him.