Springdale is just so big and strong that there's no way that we could win a half court game with them. It had to be full court, and we were able to dictate the tempo with some full-court pressure.

There are two different uses for a zone. Surprise and change or simplicity and execution. We use it for surprise.

Here lately, we've played teams where our pressure and not letting (opposing) players get comfortable has been really important.

We've only lost one meet besides the state meet over the last two years. Even though we lost a good player ... I think we are a better team this year because the lower players have raised their level.

J.D. Christie is the man and we knew they would go to him at crunch time. We had a lot of guys that were really dialed in and dialed in to their teammates today. That's what we've been searching for all year.

It?s a good idea to get kids into a class at a young age, before they get caught up in other activities of youth. A hunter education course, like hunting itself, is a great family activity.

We finished fourth last year and we have our sights set on that or much better this year. Maybe even a state championship. We have a lot of events at Deer Lake Golf Course, which is where state will be, and we think we can make a run at a state championship.