We had to win or we would have headed home looking like fools.

Having extra time to get started has made things easier. I have time to make breakfast instead of grabbing just a small bowl of cereal.

It's energetic rock 'n' roll. We try to be as original as possible, and we try to make music that we would like listening to ourselves, and hopefully other people have the same tastes we do.

They talked about taking our heart, about not even making us quit because we already knew we were going to lose. We just came out here with a lot of effort, a lot of hustle, to show that we're in this for real. We're not no punks.

We had a little run after that. It picked up my team and gave them energy. I believe we're ready to go into the ACC and do pretty well. I'm in shape. I've just got to prove to (coach Al) Skinner that I'm ready to get the minutes I deserve.

We're proving ourselves right now. We don't get a lot of respect usually so we're trying to earn it.

We had to win. We couldn't go back to Boston looking like a bunch of fools.

I turned around on the inbound and wondered how this man got open like that. So I get there and I didn't make it, I guess.