I was really confident. At first, it was right on line. But I must have been more tired than I thought. I didn't give it enough leg.

I was older. So I didn't pass him the ball.

It's more of a marketing company than anything else. We develop television ads, online campaigns and print ads targeted to our demographic, the 15- to 30-year-old group.

I put a little more leg into it, and snapped my wrist a little more.

We don't really we buy into the Cinderella thing. This is why we came to Gonzaga, to get in this situation and play these kinds of games. We look at this is where we should be.

I never had a free throw shot to end a game before.

I just tried to be more aggressive down there. I was getting good looks and getting good position inside so I tried to take advantage of it.

The European market is far more advanced. They started using SMS long before the U.S.

Big media companies give away tons of content over the Web. We've partnered with them so they can sell it to mobile phone users.