We expect so see substantial progress by the end of the year.

You may not need this speed all the time in a device like this, but it just shows there is enormous headroom there. For video or running multiple applications, you will need more power and want to run it in an efficient manner. We're looking at four generations of this processor and, just like the PC, you'll see us providing more performance over time in the same price envelope.

Inventory has become a life and death issue for our industry. The lesson of the last two quarters is that inventory has moved from being a concern of the purchasing segment to a concern of the industry itself.

Very few pieces of technology cross the line and become a cultural icon.

NT has huge momentum [in enterprises]. How far will Linux move into that space? ... I don't know.

We believe the Basic PC segment has the potential to expand our markets and bring us new users.

The chance that Taiwan has to lead in this space is now excellent.

We have to be fanatical about power consumption. It's not just about longer battery life, but when you look at rising oil prices, it becomes more and more important.

We felt for some time that handheld devices are going to require some compute performance. That is why we were going into this space.