Coach was telling me not to be timid. He wanted me to go after everybody. That's what I focused on.

Maybe we'll get a few more ideas.

Rumors have it that RIM will announce a deal with Intel to use their chips. Options volume is heavy with the bias on upside call buying.

We want to get into all the Albertsons in Idaho.

It's a war that's out of mind. The U.S. entered it late and we have no real connection to it.

If you look at the turnover in Major League Baseball, none of the rosters are the same.

He's always been a respectful young man. . . . If he wins, he goes over and shakes hands, just like when he loses. The program I think benefited him as far as his overall discipline.

I'm not surprised by actions the county has taken. I have to do what I have to do to protect my family and I am consulting my attorney, but I hope we can resolve this without lengthy litigation.

I was just talking to my wife, and I said, Now what? I got the feeling this is going to be a period of metamorphosis for me.