It's kind of deflating when you've worked so hard all season for it to come down to one game. Then you have to play again. It can be a drag in some of these tournaments when you don't see the potential gains, especially for the seniors. It's hard to play when you know the goal you've set for yourself is unachievable, so it's amazing we played so well.

The pressure is kind of off because their big goal this year was the state title, so anything else is just icing on the cake.

There's definitely a difference between just having 15 athletes as opposed to one team. That's kind of what we count on because we're not the best athletes. We sure as hell aren't the biggest, fastest people around.

One of the key goals at the beginning of the season was to get the county championships back. Today was the deadline for the state playoffs with the power points. So now we go into that arena. That's our next challenge -- that's the next thing we have to look forward to.

My swim was fantastic. It's always refreshing after you get pushed in after a meet like that. I told the guys that they couldn't touch me unless we won the meet. So I don't know if they really wanted the trophy or if they just wanted to push me in.

His improvement from last year to this year is tremendous. It's a testament to his hard work and his dedication to his craft. He's always been a little overshadowed by his older brothers (Liam and Brendan). For Kevin to be able to step up like this and have the kind of year he's been having, I'm very happy for him.

Wal-Mart carries a lot of electronics and Christmas was coming up, so we decided to go with it. We traded stocks once a week and would check our portfolios almost every day.

It's our signature event this year and what a great way to end the meet.