With limited resources physicians must pick and choose who must receive immediate medical attention and who can wait, ... In a triage setting, patients with minor injuries or sickness are given a green arm band. Those with moderate afflictions receive a yellow band and those in the most immediate need of medical assistance are given a red arm band.

I don't think the process was handled very efficiently in the beginning. It's going well now, but the federal government is having to play catch-up, ... A good example is the fact that we were shuffled from city to city in the beginning of our trip before finally being directed to New Orleans, which is where we should have been deployed to begin with.

We have a whole room filled with those.

I can also understand to some extent the frustration these survivors are experiencing, ... The sheer number of people crammed in here boggles the mind. There are literally tens of thousands of people still here and they are packed in like sardines. They are frustrated and angry and crowd control is always a concern.

We also see the same health problems you would see in any hospital setting -- cardiac patients, diabetes, kidney and pulmonary problems and occasionally a gunshot wound.

I do think security in this area is better than it was a couple of days ago, ... Still I'd have to say that security is a concern. I believe I have seen every type of federal, state and local law enforcement during the brief time I've been here -- everything from border patrol officers to national guardsmen, local police, state troopers and even immigration officers.

I don't know how to describe it except to say that what was once the beautiful and thriving city of New Orleans now looks more like a third world country, ... The living conditions for the injured, the sick and the survivors of Hurricane Katrina are disgusting. The stench is awful and the conditions are terrible, yet people hang on to life -- some ever so slight -- but they hang on.

I left home knowing I could be gone two weeks, perhaps longer and that's still the case, ... I do want to thank everyone back in Cullman who continue to pray for him and his family while he's away. He sends a special thank you to the physicians and staff at Cullman Internal Medicine who have taken up the slack in his absence.