"Scott Ware" is a former American football Safety (American football position)/safety. He was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2006. He played college football at USC Trojans football/Southern California.

Ware was also a member of the Indianapolis Colts and Sacramento Mountain Lions.

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I said 'Hi,' and 'Congratulations,' to them, but the burnt orange, whenever I see it, still gets me hot.

They are going to put up numbers because they throw the heck out of the ball and it's going to be really tiring. But coach has us prepared for that and we are really well conditioned.

That's our goal this season.

I think the big thing is that it wasn't a lack of effort that was part of our problem. It was young kids coming in not necessarily knowing everything. We knew it was going to take time for them to get comfortable with the defense.

They're set there. I think they will and should take Reggie. You just can't pass up on a somebody like that. He's such a great athlete. You're going to kick yourself if you trade that spot.

That made it a little easier in practice because we knew when they were running the ball and when they were going to be throwing the ball.

We have coaches who will yell at us and another coach who will calmly tell us what to do. Different guys respond to different things.... It's a good mix.

We've had some young guys who struggled at times. But the more they play, the better they get.

Yeah. You've got some defenses ... and some special teams play. I think they start the game with that, I'm pretty sure.