We're remaining optimistic on the market as we see it staying pretty much where it has been, with possibly some stabilization of some prices.

I understand the frustrations out there, and the results were unacceptable. We are no longer stagnant. We're moving forward at a pretty good pace.

Quite honestly, when we first began the survey, the financial applications seemed to be the ones people most wanted. As you can see, however, things have changed quite a bit. Common areas now seem to be Internet publication, design, and multimedia. These types of trends have not always been so.

As peoples' needs in those arenas were filled, they wanted media players for their music. An interest in graphic design and manipulation became more apparent. Pretty soon, people not only considered the possibility of Linux as a multimedia platform, but, as we can see, they are now demanding it.

I was driving very well off the tee. I was prepared for it. It was close but Steve Kidron is real good.

The end result is that we will be contacting the vendors of these applications, asking them to partner with Novell to port their software to Linux. As you know, numbers speak volumes.