This year, I made a lot of improvement, ... But there's a long way to go still. Overall, I thought it was all right. It could have been better.

Going through the ranks, it gives them the experience they require.

We're in a David and Goliath type struggle, and we're David, ... And David won, as we all know.

Their interest didn't flag.

VCEDA didn't work for that money, ... It has been made off the back of several generations of coal miners, and from the gas companies.

We had 100 students our first year, and I didn't really know what to expect, ... I didn't know anything about JROTC, and I was learning right along with the students.

An edge like along the north shore of the main harbor is a highway for big fish, ... You don't catch a lot of them when you set up on a spot like that, but if you set there an hour or two on a good, moving tide, you're likely to get a fish over 30 inches.

The ball is in their court. They have between now and January to prove themselves.

I wanted to start off slow. I didn't want 250 kids to start off with, ... Sure, it would've been great, but it would've been overwhelming.