I'll tell you - they're such a close-knit group of kids and they just have fun out there. To see the looks on their faces after a game like this makes what I do special.

That's the kind of kid he is. He wouldn't think something like that would be possible for him. He doesn't understand how other coaches felt about him. It's a credit to the kid. I don't think he realizes some of the things he does sometimes.

We've been playing really good baseball the last three games. We had a rough start to the season against Bradford (a 12-1 loss) ... I thought we've bounced back well.

Since that first game, we've been playing good baseball. With this being vacation, you worry about the kids' focus, so I'm glad to get this one out of the way.

He wouldn't say it outwardly. But inside, he burns to be the best player. Without a question. There's something inside. He won't tell you that himself. But I know.