Bronson is playing well. He's giving me an inside presence. And, Brandon can really get up and down that floor. I was really pleased with everybody.

Mike stepped up. I couldn't be more pleased. He's a sophomore that's kind of had an up-and-down year, and he played fabulous. With minutes like that, he's going to get some more.

People look at the way we play and think we take a lot of bad shots. They're really passes. When you get those guys in there and their used to the ball coming off the rim, it's just like a pass.

I had a defensive and an offensive rotation in the final two minutes, and everybody accepted what they were supposed to do. It's beautiful. It gives us some confidence we haven't been having.

Those guys have got to hit shots because it's crazy when you go somewhere else. It's a simple game. I thought they went on a cold spell, too.

I'm not really pleased with our late-game situations.

(Navarro) did a good job in the first half of doubling us off our ball screens. They tried to put their big (guy) on my little (guy), and once we got our guy to pull him it opened it up for everybody.

(Kilgore has) had four really great games for us. He's used to playing against teams like Memphis and UAB. When you get kids like that at this level, you really don't have to do a lot with them. You can't rattle him.

I didn't think we played well, but I thought we did what it took to win.