The kids don't panic. We believe in ourselves and we believe that somebody's going to come up (big). Heather St. Pierre came up huge for us tonight.

We've really been working extra with her the past couple weeks. Certainly, after hitting those, she has all the confidence in the world. She has a great shot, and she just needed to believe she had a great shot.

We thought we had them, and it just slipped. I don't know what happened. We wanted to play in the RAC [Rutgers Athletic Center] so bad. It was everyone's dream and we just blew it.

Defensively, their guards get out in the passing lanes, and with Ames in the middle, it makes it tough to go down to the bucket area.

Not at all. We ran our offense, ran it well. We got great shots. We just didn't hit them.

They like to dribble penetrate, and big people need to stay out of foul trouble. If they play positional defense, they are fine.

She's unbelievable. She just has a nose for the ball, offensively and defensively, and she goes and gets it. She's fearless, absolutely fearless.

If it's about shots, I don't have an issue. If it's effort, I have an issue. [The game] was about shots and not effort tonight. ... We ran our offense, we got great shots, we just couldn't hit them.