I didn't really feel like they could stop us if we could just get the ball on offense. They were just killing us on defense with vertical routes and our guys were struggling trying to cover it.

They use so many different sets. They present a unique problem. Rockcastle County was not that way. My biggest concern about this game is getting us in the proper defensive alignment because early against Rockcastle, we didn't always get in the right spots.

I didn't think we could play any worse than we did last week against Boyle County, but we proved in the first half that we sure could.

I challenged out team as a whole, and maybe we did a gut-check on our manhood so to speak. But basically, the majority of the halftime was spent with the defensive adjustments. And fortunately, the adjustments paid off for us.

Our numbers are such at the middle school that there probably will not be a middle school girls softball team. And that's hurting our numbers at the high school.

I don't think we're ever going to get it corrected until middle schools get a governing body.

I said all week long I had total confidence in Rich. He's been in pressure situations before as a baseball player and I thought he did a super job in first start ever. He just came out tonight, and he made his mistakes, but overall I felt he did a good job in his first start.

Seth is a tremendous athlete. He run the 40 (yard dash) in 4.4 (seconds). He can outrun anybody we have.

We still are not getting Darius the touches he needs. He is good anywhere we put him. It's easy to get him the ball when he's in the backfield, but when he's at tight end or flanker we have to be able to throw the ball to him.