We designed the mask.

He's out there, and people are nervous.

And once that character came on, the ratings, like, doubled.

Some people say if you're picked high you're already on the team, but that's not true, ... You have to come here and work hard for it and hopefully on opening night, you get to put on the game sweater.

It was sort of modeled after 'The Scream' a little bit ... I also liked the Dresden quality of it, that he was making a comment on artificial beauty and the facade.

I kept saying Julian is a ghost, but no one's buying it. [The last scene of the season finale] was a very brutal scene, so the repercussions of that are equally brutal. It's an event that sends the character of Christian off in a different direction. The repercussions of it are quite huge, but I don't want to say what it is until people see it.

With success comes growth.

It's a Mike Nichols movie, which I thought was very serious and done in a very light, sleight-of-hand way, because I think comedy gets you into the show and makes it accessible.

I didn't want it to feel like a slasher movie, ... I wanted it to be a little more kabuki and delicate and weird.