From Day 1, it's been clear that Senator Clinton's focus has been on running for president, not focusing on New York.

Mayor Bloomberg has been a great supporter of the Republican Party and, more than that, he's been a great leader for New York City.

The Republican Party's ideas of cutting taxes and reducing the size of government ... are what are going to make New York state prosper.

It's more of the scare tactics, negative attacks that we've become accustomed to from the Clinton campaigns over the years.

Some of our county chairs have said that if Jeanine was not the candidate, we should reach back out to Ed, and that's something we'll be talking about within the party. John Spencer is also out there right now, running for the nomination.

We haven't had any conversations with Commissioner Novello since May.

We're obviously not happy. Once we finish reviewing the decision, we'll decided whether or not to make an appeal.

It's crazy to think the Republican state committee's goal is not to have more than 24 percent of the vote. The focus of the state party is to win elections.