When I first kind of stepped on the court, I got a little nervous, but about a possession-and-a-half later I kind of got into the flow of the game and forgot about it.

That's just wonderful support. The fans could have just left, but they came down to meet us. That just provided comfort.

We took those comments to heart. When a team talks down to us, that makes us play harder.

Our entire front row is (6-foot-2 or taller), and we put up a huge block against everybody. Most of the time when we block right, they're not going to be able to get it over with authority. It's going to be a roll shot or a tip to the corner. You've got to have guys back there who are on the same page and ready to get the ball back to the setter.

Coach told us he does a good job penetrating and shooting a floater. I just tried to stay in front of him and force him into the teeth of our defense. We did a good job getting him out of his rhythm.

We had to work the ball a lot harder last season. We had a lot of energy in the first quarter, but after that the game just died.

We lost our emotion and zip in the second and third quarters. It just wasn't there tonight.

We just realized we had to pick up the defense. Talk more and help out.