We're at the tail end of earnings season, and the ones I've seen today are up nicely. In general, the numbers have come in better than expected across the board and it's been a good quarter, (though) definitely choppy.

I like Lakeland a lot. We ran well there in the past. We ran well in the All Pro car before so I'm excited to go back there. That is a size of track we don't get to run very often.

The stock traded down a little bit, ... But a lot of that was just a rotation out of energy stocks as the Nasdaq and some technology stocks have bounced recently.

They provide other engineering and construction services for the power plant market, ... So with all of the energy problems we've seen out in California, there's been an increased awareness for the need for new power plants in the U.S. and abroad.

Cal Dive also has some counter cyclical aspects to their business, ... They provide decommissioning services and maintenance services in the Gulf. So even when times are bad, they're still doing decommissioning and maintenance.