"Russell Andrew Mark", "OAM"/Victoria) is a professional Australian Trap shooting/Trap and Double Trap clay target shooter and shooting coach. He is also an Olympic Champion. He won the Olympic gold medal in Double Trap at the 1996 Summer Olympics/1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. He also won a silver Olympic medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics/2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Mark is a dual World Individual Champion (1994,1997) and dual World Team Champion (1998 and 1999). He won Individual World Cup Gold Medals in Los Angeles, USA (1991), Lonato, Italy (1992), Munich, Germany( 1994), Lima, Peru (1999), Sydney, Australia (2000) and Perth, Western Australia/Perth, Australia (2003). At the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne he won a gold medal in Men's Double Trap. In August 2007 in Munich, Germany the International Shooting Sports Federation inducted him into its Hall of Fame as the greatest Double Trap shooter of all time. This was an award he shared with fellow shotgun shooters Luciano Giovannetti (Trap Men (Italy)), Kimberly Rhode (Double Trap and Skeet Women (USA)) and Susan Nattrass (Trap Women (Canada)).

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