"Russ Purnell" is a former American football coach. He served for 25 seasons as an assistant coach in National Football League (NFL), mainly coordinating the special teams units. He is one of only 21 NFL assistant coaches who have won at least one Super Bowl championship with two different teams (Baltimore Ravens/Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts/Indianapolis). Most recently he was the special teams coordinator for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League (2009–2012)/United Football League (UFL).

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That's one too many. One week you're happy, one week you're not. We haven't been as consistently good this year as we need to be. We've been below average.

It's not easy, but we started in April and May working on it. Right now we're rotating people around quite a bit, so we're not really getting the continuity we need.

Right now, the inconsistencies are plaguing us, and it's feast or famine. Part of it is that we're using a lot of people, so you're not getting that cohesiveness you usually have when you're using the same 11, 12 or 13 guys.

It's all part of the progression. In training camp, you're trying to put the right pieces in there. Some of the things we're coming up a little short on, but it's preseason.