Our game plan evolves around the quarterback and it helps we have such a good one. It's one of the reasons why we're good.

In 2002, we had a good team (10-2). We feel now we have a good program. We have kids in the program believing and performing at a higher level.

My linemen were the defensive players of the game. Robert Blount, Marcus Williams and Martin Jiminez really created havoc in Clark's backfield.

One thing that impressed me is his dad (Rob) will tell him after the game how bad he was or be totally honest with him. The standards at his house are pretty high. We have a lot of that with tough parents who set the standards high and that's why the program is successful.

There's no better guy on this team to make me look good. Robert played hard and was very sharp tonight.

It's unfair and I feel bad for them. I don't think anyone downtown thought that anyone would get hurt from this (open enrollment). I believe any student athlete who transfers because of open enrollment, which was OK'ed by the school board, should be allowed to play.

We keep starting the never-haves.

For us to say we beat Lowell, Munster and Hobart in the same year, it's a special team. My hat's off to my players.

Yesterday at practice, I asked for a show of hands from the players that had beaten Munster in a team sport. Not one hand went up in the room. Tomorrow, I'll ask the same question.