They have a very good post player, a 6-8 kid. We played them two years ago in the state quarterfinals and beat them in a close game. We'll have our hands full.

I didn't think that we defended well, but when our back was against the wall, we were able to come up with the stop we needed.

I think, pound for pound, Jason Spear does an incredible job with those kids. Their kids play hard.

As long as Jacob is still 6-2 or 6-3, he'll be undersized. Two years from now, that'll be him doing the bruising.

That's like a college team, with 6-7 and (6-8) players across the board and I'm playing a freshman (Jacob Pierce) and a sophomore at the post.

His defensive play was what enabled us to keep it close and created transition opportunities for us.

Jacob plays at such a high energy level. I've rarely seen a freshman with that much passion. He'll bounce back, as will (the team). There were a lot of positives in this game. I'm disappointed with the loss, but pleased with the effort given by everyone.

It was more our defense than our offense.