Roland Schoeman
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"Roland Mark Schoeman" is a South African swimmer and was a member of the South African swim team at the 2000 Olympic Games, 2004 Olympic Games, 2008 Olympic Games, and the 2012 Olympic Games.

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I knew I needed to have a better start in the final and fortunately I did.

I hope to set up somewhat of a legacy. I've been feeling under the weather the last couple of days but I totally had my game face on today.

It's amazing to see what happens in four years. I'm stronger, I'm faster, I'm an animal! At the end of the night it was just about getting gold.

I believe I can go out in 22.4 seconds (on the first lap) and come back in 25 seconds.

That's how bad it got. I walked up a flight of stairs and was out of breath, and I had to sit down for a while.

It was a good swim.