They had me there for seven years and the way they treat me at the end, I knew that they would probably get rid of me. I don't blame the Padres. I don't blame anybody over there. They just did what's correct for their organization. It was (correct) for them as well as for me.

I consider that it was a pretty even game. I think it was quite even, almost neck to neck. Anybody could have come out with a victory.

It changed it a little bit. I was trying to get Olerud to ground into a double play. I just think he was prepared for a fastball the whole time.

I was trying to throw a good fastball down and away and I left it a little bit up. The guy has tremendous power. Not much I could do but take my hat off. The guy is an All-Star.

This will give me more confidence, especially after those three bad outings.

It was kind of hard to deal with, especially the humidity after. I thought I was going to be cool and it was pretty humid out there. It seemed like the first inning I threw two or three innings warming up.

Every year you're excited when the first day gets here. But especially this year, because of all the things that happened last year that are not supposed to be a part of baseball.

I was trying to throw a good fastball down and away. I just left it up a little bit. Like I say, this guy's got tremendous power. This guy is an All-Star.

It was an extremely emotional game for us.