I thought the whole course was well-built. It was not crazy, big, but it was a tough test as it should be.

Obviously the difficult thing was the inside turn to the plank. The plank was quite tall on five strides, and there was the other inside turn there that everybody did. So with that kind of jump-off, everything has to come your way for you to be able to walk away with it, and that's what happened today.

The lights and a lot of things can have a factor and a bad result. This horse, obviously, has a lot of experience and he coped with that really well. He didn't perform that great (in Wellington.) He was a little bit rusty, but I didn't want to jump him too much because the season was long and this was more the aim for him and it worked out okay.

[Today] the big boy's coming out. We'll see how he goes. He'll be fresh. He only showed once three days ago over a couple of fences, so he'll be fresh.

She was good. The mare wasn't really ready to go in the WEF Challenge two days ago, so I thought this would be a nice practice round for her today. She jumped really well in the first round and even better in the jump-off.