"Rod Baker" is an American professional basketball coach who is currently the head coach for the Delaware 87ers of the NBA D-League.

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Some teams do gimmicks, and two weeks later they can't make payroll. We think Rochester fans are more sophisticated than that.

When we see a short (not deep) group coming, we know we are going to run guys and keep them fresh and wear the other team down. That gives a guy like Alvin Jefferson a chance.

We waited too long to remember to match their intensity.

I really can't explain that. You're preaching to the choir.

We felt like if we could just settle in and guard and start taking everything away, then we would be all right.

It just doesn't get any better than this. I have got everything I need here.

The (other Rochester minor-league sport teams) have set the bar so high. Some teams have tons and tons of championships. But we may never see this again and I told my team to cherish this.

We come and play pretty hard.

We tried to make the game go at a high speed because they were short guys (players) and we got their bigger players in trouble. I think the last two minutes we got easy baskets because of what had happened earlier in the game.