I'm a quiet person.

These arrests are the result of the continued great cooperation we get working with the Maine Warden Service.

The real question becomes: How long do we stay at $70 oil?

I see it as money in my pocket.

I'm a quiet person. I don't really believe in demonstrations, but I wanted to come here to support my son.

[Red Hat President Robert Young said the Intel/Netscape investment wasn't needed to support the company's retail effort but to gain credibility with corporate customers.] The key thing for growth of Linux in the commercial space is working with winners like Netscape, ... If we can prove ourselves with Netscape, other application vendors who haven't ported their software to Linux yet will join in.

As we go out to to do our farm meetings ... (energy is) probably the No. 1 issue that comes up right now.

The only inadvertent sort of thing is it sets us up as an either/or, ... You're either with Microsoft or you're against them. The market doesn't want to hear that. The market wants suppliers who have customers' interests in mind. The perception is somehow that we want Microsoft users to fail. We want Microsoft users to succeed better than before.