"Robert Yates" is the name of:

* Robert Yates (NASCAR), NASCAR team owner

** Robert Yates Racing, the team he owns

* Robert Yates (politician) (1738–1801), Anti-Federalist American politician

* Robert Yates (cricketer) (1845–1931), New Zealand cricketer

* Robert Lee Yates (born 1952), serial killer

* Robert Yates (songwriter), songwriter

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We felt to improve the performance of the 88 team it was important to establish a leadership that has been lacking for the last few months, ... Todd has a record that speaks for itself both with preparing race cars and making decisions in the pits. Todd has the skills, ability and talent to lead a race team, and he is committed to winning races.

I could sit here all afternoon and talk about things that I think, and there are things that Robert thinks and Elliott, we all have ideas as to why we haven't performed, but we have areas that we're going to have to address,'' Jarrett said.

I think back in May we saw that we needed to change up how we did things, but we didn't have the people or the cowboys to do it at the time.

Just get it in the Chase and we would start working on stuff. I tell you what, I like this format but I'd just like to be on the inside of it. One year ago is when our problem started. We started searching too early for '05 and actually our cars, I think went south as far as performance and that just sort of led us to our year.

It answers the question; we feel the engine program is pretty solid, ... There is a long list of things that make up a good race team, and when you can eliminate one of those variables, it's nice.

So far, so good, ... I'll try to keep this one on the ground and see if we can get a checkered flag Sunday.

I want to sit at the head table with Elliott Sadler or Dale Jarrett. I want to sit at the head table period. But, it means a lot to me that it's our own organization.

If you're not in the top 10 making the Chase, you need to look at your organization and try to make changes to make it stronger for the following year, ... It almost gives you a format to do that now.