Robert Webb
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"Robert Patrick Webb" is an English comedian, actor and writer, and one half of the double act Mitchell and Webb, alongside David Mitchell (comedian)/David Mitchell.

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Then we started off the sixth with two more walks and an error and they end up scoring two more.

I've read the Bible, but I felt like a lot of the Bible was oppressive towards women. Then I read the Quran, and I thought it was also oppressive towards women.

Billy Jack did an outstanding job. He did what he was supposed to do. Anything [Horatio] came up with we were able to cover with our defense behind him. Billy Jack - he's a good one.

We need to know what it's like to win under pressure. We came pretty close.

As long as [the fumes] are out of the flammable range, then that's a good thing.

I'll still answer to Rob, ... conquering lion.

I was tired of learning about Shakespeare and British writers.

I'm glad it's all over and she's a wonderful person and she never did any of the things she was accused of.