Whatever doubts there may have been about whether a verdict here could be upheld on appeal for the plaintiffs have evaporated, ... This charge is error incarnate.

I think this is a truly great endeavor, ... The kids in this city need things like this to boost their confidence and help them to succeed in school. Anything we can do for these kids will go a long way. Obviously, Progreso Latino is doing their part in the community.

I'd like to see this case go to the jury.

You're a tobacco company, and you're unpopular, so you write me a check for $1.7 billion.

I?m impressed you would go to great length to fight this cause.

This has been a distorted videotape technique that's been going on here all these many weeks.

There's no proof that anything these companies did caused Minnesota any damage.

We interviewed almost 3,000 people to hear from them what they thought the main concerns were and there were really three main concerns. One was sanitation and a lack of jobs in Chinatown; the other was lack of housing in Chinatown, and in fact prices have gone up. People could no longer live here. And it was a quality of life issue. People felt the streets were dirty, there were not enough parks.