After I get my orders, we'll look for housing.

You have to take those threats very seriously.

There are definitely items and sections of the core exams that focus on security.

The Army doesn't make policy. It follows the orders of the commander in chief.

They were there to stay.

If I proved tonight the head of a large organized crime family or a triple murderer was involved in the video poker business in South Carolina, there is nothing I could do about it.

This was all done for everyone's protection. If you're going to be sheltering people, it would be prudent for people taking them in to know what criminal pasts they might have.

Now he's been kind of forced into that position since this gives him a shot at a full pension. Given what is happening right now, this is probably the best he can do.

We had more threats against Sen. Thurmond than any other official that we provided security for, and I would think that would be because of his long years of service and the many issues he dealt with.