Trusty, dusky, vivid, true, With eyes of gold and bramble-dew, Steel-true and blade-straight, The great artificer made my mate.

Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.

Every day we delay this decision, that's another day we don't have extra officers on the road.

If your morals make you dreary, depend upon it, they are wrong. I do not say give them up, for they may be all you have, but conceal them like a vice lest they should spoil the lives of better and simpler people.

The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions.

This school has been here since 1904, and has been using the same teaching methodology that they used in 1904, ... Here in 2005. I said that's just ridiculous. We need a change the paradigm, change the way we teach, break out of our comfort zone, and do something new.

There is an idea abroad among moral people that they should make their neighbors good. One person I have to make good: Myself. But my duty to my neighbor is much more nearly expressed by saying that I have to make him happy if I may.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.

You can read Kant by yourself, if you wanted to; but you must share a joke with someone else.