"Robert Audi" is an American philosopher whose major work has focused on epistemology, ethics – especially on ethical intuitionism – and the theory of action. He is O'Brien Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, and previously held a Chair in the Business School there. His 2005 book, The Good in the Right, updates and strengthens W D Ross/Rossian intuitionism and develops the epistemology of ethics. He has also written important works of political philosophy, particularly on the relationship between church and state. He is a past president of the American Philosophical Association and the Society of Christian Philosophers.

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Nothing prevents him from being an advocate for the right. Minimally, he could earn a leadership role of advocacy. But that is very different from a position of political power.

It is permissible for him to write with the idea of making a profit, but the resolution to atone, and even secularly to make reparations, would surely require that the profit be shared or even given over entirely to the causes he embraces.